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Outdoor lighting gives your yard a cozy and warm atmosphere and serves to let you enjoy your yard in the evening. With an outdoor lighting motion detector you can control when the lights come on so you can walk safely through your yard and to the front door. Place outdoor lighting along a path, driveway, patio, or between your plants, under your canopy, along the fence, or use an outdoor light to illuminate trees. Choose the right outdoor lighting for your yard.

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You're in control with the in-lite app and in-lite smart products. Set routines, control your lights and more. Everything you need for the ultimate lighting experience is right at your fingertips. All you need is a SMART HUB-150, a Bluetooth connection, and the in-lite app.

The SMART HUB-150 is in-lite's most innovative transformer. Individually control 3 zones, automatically turn your lights on/off using the built-in astronomical clock or wireless motion detector, and more.

With the latest in-lite technology you can easily control your outdoor lighting with the in-lite app on your smartphone or tablet via a low-energy Bluetooth connection.

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Truscapes offers a high quality, affordable and simple product line of the landscape, hardscape and deck lights for contractors and homeowners. Truscapes makse it easy. Their product line is designed to fit and completely light up any outdoor living area. Their landscape, hardscape and deck lights all operate from the same power source and provide the same light beam color visually matching the entire outdoor living space.

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StonehengeUS makes it easy to light up driveways, walkways, patios or any outdoor projects. Our paver lights require no wiring (DIY) just pull a paver out and pop a paver light in. Lights charge by day and automatically light by night. Choose from two models, our white only model or 11 color option including both solid and holiday patterns. Controlled from a simple remote control for quick color changes to set the mood (color model only). Lights can support up to 7,000 lbs of vehicular traffic making them perfect for lighting up driveways. The rechargeable battery charges during the day to provide up to 8 hours of light at night.

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